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artist statement


In making art, I emphasize sensitivity and I work with a lot of my own feelings or experiences from life. As a painter I am a romantic and a dreamer, that's why I try to always strive for aesthetics and harmony in my works. Searching beauty in everything is like air to me and it is the key point for creation. The most important thing in painting is the ideas it awakes and the atmosphere it conveys. Observation creates frames, but the content and its symbolism are essential.

Creating a visual experience has always been the most natural way of expression for me. The ideas for my art come to me very intuitively and the inspiration could come from everywhere around me as well as from within. The style and technique of painting is often chosen according to the subject of the painting and the feeling you wish to be expressed in the work.

My current paintings consist of a series of human figures in which elements taken from nature are strongly present. I work with a wide variety of techniques from abstract to figurative and often combining the two. I wish not to limits myself in the endless possibilities of painting so I am curious to go with the flow and obey my hand where ever its taking me.

I use mainly acrylic and oil colors in my work. Since I have always been also into making jewelry I have brought alongside the traditional painting jewelry embroidery on the surface of canvas.

For me, painting is a constant discovery, self-challenge, exploration and play with the form you love that always results in something surprising even for myself.

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